ARBOR IIoT 4.0 Solution


Get Ready for Your
Machine Vision Applications

Kick-start zero defects on the production line

Get Ready for Your
Machine Vision Applications

Kick-start zero defects on the production line

We Make it Possible for Visual Inspection to be More Accurate, Efficient, and Reliable.

Machine Vision technology is being widely adopted in factories across the globe. The popularity of such industrial automation is being encouraged by favorable returns. These are noted in the boosts to efficiency, accuracy and productivity on the factory floor. For many decades, manual inspections have been carried out on production lines. The challenge is that the human brain gets distracted, gets tired and mistakes inevitably occur.

Machine Vision technology makes these issues a thing of the past. ARBOR Technology has developed highly reliable, low power systems to enable the swift, efficient and precise identification, and removal of faulty goods on a production line. What’s more, ARBOR’s machine vision technology can operate 24 hours a day. It remains focused on the job, irrespective of external factors and in turn enhances quality assurance to its highest level.

Solution Brief

Machine Vision solutions enhance accuracy and productivity as well as human job satisfaction. Read our solution brief to find out how the role and implementation of Machine Vision is an increasingly important and lucrative aspect of Industry 4.0.

Speed-up Production

Vision systems offer consistent accuracy at high speeds, and for long periods of operation which decreases order lead times and faster shipping turnarounds.

Higher Quality

Detecting a component’s measurement and misplacement produces higher quality products and ensures a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Reduced Costs

Defective parts are immediately removed from the process in the early production stages while scaling down the amount of labor needed to operate equipment.

Product Features

Data Capacity

The storage and bandwidth needed to handle vast amounts of data

Secure Configuration

Support TPM 2.0 security for data protection

Gigabit Ethernet

GigE Vision/ USB 3.0 to support main stream IP cameras

Modular Scaling

Modularized expansion chassis allow for easy installation

Reliable Power

Suitable thermal engineering for High-power draws

Peripheral Integration

Support combinations of PCI and PCIe for frame-grabber cards

Case Studies

Mobile Phone Inspection (AOI)

A Chinese smart phone manufacturer was relying on manual inspections, but the time it took their staff to spot and remove faulty products caused bottlenecks in the production line. They looked for an alternative solution and selected Arbor Technology’s FPC-9002-P6, a LAN connected, Machine Vision application.

The installation of the system, with software and camera integration, allowed for the swift removal of non-compliant phones, without causing a backlog. As the production process flowed without interruption, productivity at the factory increased.

Bottling Line Automation/ Food and Beverage Processing

With its four Power-over-Ethernet 802.3af compatible LAN ports, the ARES-1970-E was selected to control product quality in a CAN manufacturing factory. Smart cameras connected to the ARES-1970-E scan production lines and detect potential problems on glass bottles, caps, tags and packaging.

Thanks to its extensive I/O, compact size, and ability to communicate with external peripherals such as smart card readers, credit card readers and receipt printers, the ARES-1970 was also chosen for drug, food and beverage processing, tracing and testing equipment in China.

Product Offerings

Fan-Less Embedded Controller, 7th gen Intel® Kaby Lake Platform, 6 x Gbe PoE Ports
FPC-7900 Series
Robust Box PC, 7th gen Intel® Kaby Lake Platform, Support 3 x Independent Displays
Fan-Less Embedded Controller, 6th gen Intel® SkyLake-U Platform, 4 x USB3.0 Combo Ports
Machine Vision Controller, 6th gen Intel® Skylake-U Platform, 4 x USB3.0/2.0 Type A Connectors
Machine Vision Controller, 6th/7th gen Intel® SkyLake/Kabylake-S Platform, 9 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
6th gen Intel® Skylake-S Platform, 4-CH GbE PoE Ports
Industrial Panel PC
10.1”~21.5” Fanless Wide-Screen HMI for Visual Controls and Human Monitoring
SCP Cube
2-in-1 Supercapacitor Power & Environmental Monitoring Solution

Technical Reports

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Find out how ARBOR’s modular, customizable Box PCs are to be the building blocks for Industry 4.0.

FPC-9002-P6 Product Review

Learn how ARBOR’s dedicated machine vision controllers deliver the high-performance computing and maximum flexibility that projects need.